Platinum Annual Membership Fee

Platinum Annual Membership Fee

For those looking for the long haul to walk through ups and downs, gains and shredding body fat, this is the package for you. Our dedicated warriors looking to transform whether it be massive muscle gains, extreme fat loss, a combination of both, or off season and contest prep for the athletes

*Must Be Purchased With the Annual Platinum Package*
  • Details

    Once you have completed this purchase for the annual membership fee, you may now select to subscribe to the Annual monthly package. THIS IS A ONE TIME ANNUAL FEE ON THE FIRST MONTH

    *Membership and package must be purchased in the same month*

    The Platinum Package includes:

    - 1 Year Customized Meal Plans
    -​ 1 Year Customized workout Plans
    - 1 Year Supplement Plan
    -​ Weekly body analysis
    ​- Weekly plans tailored
    ​ -Unlimited contact via e-mail
    *FREE Recipe E-book*
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