Muscle Punch BCAA Powder
  • Muscle Punch BCAA Powder


    Supplement hard with this anytime BCAA Fruit Punch drink! Make gains day in and day out! Fed those hungry muscles through out the day. Never leave your muscles hungry or fatigued. Keep happy FULL muscles all day, every day with BCAA PRO POWDER "MUSCLE PUNCH"

    Proven Benefits of BCAAs

    Study #1

    There was a 4 week study performed to see if supplementing with BCAAs could help individuals maintain beneficial anabolic hormone levels and reduce muscle damage from high-intensity training.

    There were 8 resistance-trained males that took part in this study.

    They were randomly given either:
    •A high amount of Branched-Chain Amino Acids


    They took their supplement for 3 weeks and then in the final week they started a total-body resistance program. This program included 8 different exercises where they’d do 3 sets of 6 to 8 repetitions per exercise.

    Their blood was drawn and analyzed before and after supplementation and then after 2 and 4 days of training.

    They found that during and after exercise the BCAAs group had:
    •Significantly Higher Levels of Testosterone
    •Significantly Lower Levels of Cortisol and Creatine Kinase

    What’s that mean?

    This shows that branched-chain amino acids can help your muscle building efforts during and after exercise! We all know what testosterone does, but cortisol does the opposite; it pretty much brings your muscle growth to a halt. And high amounts of creatine kinase in your blood shows that you have muscle damage.

    So branched-chain amino acids really keep your hormone levels in check, which can lead to greater gains!
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