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*** Custom dishes available upon request ***

We provide 1 - 2 weeks supply worth of meals


Dine Smart puts the fun and healthy eating back into your meal experience. We know that with a busy lifestyle it's hard to get the nutrition and portion control that will help you feeling good and looking great.


Note *** prices are subject to change with cost of supply products



Sweet & Sour Stuffed Chicken Breast   

$13.00 / meal

served with cinnamon carrot or coconut jasmine rice


This dish is a fine blend of dried cranberies,raisins, bell pepper, onion, and mushrooms seasoned breadcrumbs for the stuffing. Cook to perfection in a home made sweet & sour sauce to live for.        




Lightly Breaded Coconut Chicken Fillets  

$13.00 / meal

 served with Spanish rice


This dish takes taste to the next level with Cajun spices added to the bread crumb mix and coconut flakes for a flavour to remember.         



Turkey Sauce & Zucchini Noodles  

$13.00 / meal


This dish is nothing but healthy all the way, just goodness with a twist of noodles.           


Sweet Potato Turkey Sheppard's Pie  

$15.00 / meal

made with your choice of ground beef, turkey, or ground chicken


This dish has a Carribean adventure to it, hold on to your seat cause you're in for a ride of taste.      


Tangy Baked Salmon  

$14.00 / meal

served with jasmine rice or sweet potato mash


This dish is full of friendly flavours that come together      



Oven Baked Chicken Breast  

$14.00 / meal

served with steamed vegetables


This dinner is veggie smart for you.    


Turkey or Chicken Sweet & Sour Pineapple Meatballs

$14.00 / meal

served with zucchini or carrot noodles



Meal Wraps  

$10.00 / wrap

 Meal wraps are a great way to get all the food groups together in one delicious place. Whatever kind of wrap you desire we will make it happen for you.      




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